Rainy Urban River

‘Rainy Urban River’
9.5×13 (24x33cm)
oil on canvas board
©Joshua Lance 2013

It’s been raining quite a bit since arriving here in Taipei. I have some really great views from my new place and this is one of them. There’s a river separating some grass and marshlands with the city in the background. I wanted to focus mainly on the river. Seems like it’s good luck to be near a river according to Fung Shui principles. I painted on a reddish-purplish background, it has a toned-down look to it, and I’ve used the palette knife in places where I just wanted solid, untainted color shimmering through the muted colors. It’s good to mix up the pure and tainted colors, like the ying and yang of my own painting techniques. So here’s my first landscape painting done in Taipei. More to come as you can imagine. What they will look like, who knows?