Raw Spirit Fest Lowdown


One of my students at the Art Workshop in Prescott

One of my students at the Art Workshop in Prescott

I just got back from the Raw Spirit Festival in Prescott, AZ on Tues. It was about a 7+hour drive from Santa Fe. I went through Flagstaff, in which I stopped for lunch at a local cafe. I walked around downtown, in which I never visited before on foot. It was quite charming. I liked the varied architecture, alleys, and little cafes.

It’s a college town, so there were a lot of young adults walking around. After several hours there, I went west of rt 40 for 50 miles and rt 89 for another 50 miles before arriving at the Dell Granites location for the festival. It’s a very scenic location, and I liked the rocks/lake, perfect for teaching the art workshop on Saturday.

The festival itself was interesting. I somehow always find the snobs though, the ones who think they know everything about raw food and tell everyone “I’m 100% raw!” Well good for you! I’m trying to look at the big picture though. I met some folks who were in their 60’s and looked much younger and fitter. My favorite teacher was “Big Daddy”, an African-American who was 108 years young, and did a fruit salad demo. He looked  70 and was walking and talking well too! To me, it was so inspirational. He wasn’t pushing products or looked starving. His longevity came from his uncooked diet of fruits and vegetables. He talked the talk and walked the walk.  His parents taught him these values at age 6…amazing!

I came here for several reasons. One, to do an art workshop for kids. Two, to learn a little more about raw foods. Three, to sell my work. The art workshop I taught was great. It lasted just an hour. I brought the 5 kids that showed up to the lake, in which all I asked was to find a place to paint, and paint the scene. These kids were about 5-9 years old, and instinctively knew what to do. Made my job easier! The point is, is that they had fun, though one girl did get stung by a bee at the end, but she had a good time prior to that. Everyone painted nicely and one girl even painted on a tote bag I gave her, since I had a bunch lying around. This was my first workshop and I was glad I did it. I didn’t feel like painting there myself, I just took photos and took everything in. I did hang with a few people and exchanged numbers. There were people mostly from California, Arizona, Colorado, Salt Lake City. I didn’t run into anyone from Santa Fe or New Mexico, what’s up?

After the festival, I went through Sedona to climb Cathedral Rock. Last time I was there, I lost my camera so I didn’t get any photos last time. That wasn’t going to happen again! I was determined to climb this rock (it was a trail, but not for the faint of heart!) and I took some cool photos on the way (Some are in my photo gallery). I did twist my foot on the way down though, and I was glad it wasn’t broken. Sedona’s one of my favorite places to visit, the red rocks and scenery are just incredible here. I left for Santa Fe afterwards and didn’t get home until around 2am. I’m still recovering but I felt the trip was a success (even though I didn’t sell paintings, but that’s because I didn’t want to play salesman at the fest). With all the advice I received, it can be confusing to determine what’s right. All I know is that you have to find out what’s right for you in the end. I know I’m going to take my health more seriously, as I got a good taste of the raw food lifestyle.