Red Rice Cooker


‘Red Rice Cooker’ 9×12 (24x33cm) oil on canvas paper
©Joshua Lance 2013


It would be interesting to see what effect being in my new apartment in Taipei would have on my art. I got that first painting out of my system and done it this morning. It was great doing it in the morning, as a new painting gives rise to a brand new day, perhaps a brand new life. I wanted reds. Reds are my favorite colors, and I used both a warm and cool red for this painting. There were plenty of objects on my table, but I just wanted to focus on one object, my beautiful red rice cooker. It’s on a red and white striped plastic tablecloth. It reminds me of something nostalgic, something very American that captures our innocence. I guess this piece is about an American in Taiwan. What’s he going to cook next?