This is more music than art related but still a big part of my life, music always had been.I sit here in my studio after a long day at school.  English and piano were the tall orders of the day.  That’s Gratitude.

I am preparing my students for a Christmas show at school, and I’m the one who suggested that I will lead the charge and be in charge of the Christmas music spectacular.  I’m planning on doing a medley of Christmas songs.  That’s Gratitude.  I haven’t performed in over 30 years to an audience, just some minor dabbling.  I know chords and have a good intuitive feel to make notes sound good.  Perhaps that carried over to painting, why I make my colors harmonize with each other.

But I have spent more time with the piano, learning these Christmas songs and doing four songs into a Christmas medley that will have my students singing.  We’ll even have some students play the guitar and violin if it all goes well.  I’m very motivated and need this now.  Just because I’m spending more time with music doesn’t mean I love art less.  Both are a huge part of my existence.  I notice the similarities of music and art.  They both need a great composition to make things work like clock-work.  The colors and light move along like the notes and chords that go together like a dream.

Is music my wife and painting my mistress or is it the other way around?  I believe one mode of expression can affect the other in a positive way.  No need to feel guilty, just some gratitude that I have the ability to do both.  I allowed myself to play and feel music again because this is what feels right, right now.  Some people may believe to be a great painter, you need to spend 24/7, 7 days a week doing it to feel dedicated or taken seriously.  Maybe I have taken myself too seriously.  I would rather have fun.  I don’t see myself as less of an artist if I don’t spend all my time, it’s just a natural part of me and I really don’t owe anyone any explanation about it.  It’s what I do, who I am.

I’m here in Portugal where Thanksgiving is not celebrated.  But starting to accept gratitude could be the key to happiness that’s worth exploring.  That gratitude is sure ringing louder in my ears today.  That’s real Gratitude!