Roman Red Bicycle


‘Roman Red Bicycle’ 8×10″ oil on aluminum

The second painting of my Italian series just got completed.  I have also painted my first real bicycle painting.  I have led a bicycle-oriented lifestyle since arriving in Colorado a few months ago.  So I look at this as a universal subject.  What strikes me about the subject matter is not just the beauty of the bikes, but the backdrop it offers.  It is undoubtedly Italian to the core.  With its multicolored walls and cobblestone streets, the bike is not just an object, but part of a lifestyle.  And everything is a work of art in Italy.  It’s like you stepped into a real painting because there is so much natural beauty all around.  I feel there’s a certain focus on appreciation of art and beauty in Europe compared to America.  It’s such a part of life, one cannot imagine a bicycle not being part of Italy and its culture.

There’s also a new easel in my life.  I got a Jullian half-box french easel and it’s awesome.  Really, I’m very proud of it.  I made sure it was made of beechwood, because that material lasts the longest.  Forget using stuff made from plywood, it will fall apart easily.

This painting was done on aluminum as well.  It’s a smooth, metallic surface I wanted to try out.  It felt like painting on glass.  I liked it, but I also missed the canvas advantage as well.  But as an artist, it’s great to experiment with other supports and materials, and who knows if I’ll paint on aluminum again, but as of now, it’s good.  I’m continuing the Italian series from my trip to Italy from last year.  Stay tuned!

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