Seeing Joy by the Fountains

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Joy by the Fountains 11×14 $600


What I brought on a bike

This painting was completed last week during a paint-out I had in Ft. Collins.  There was an art show usually put on by local artists in the town.  What I didn’t know was that there were two locations the show was in.  I was at the old town square, the heartbeat of Ft. Collins.  I soon found out that one other artist showed up.  But today wasn’t meant to be for sales or exposure. It was the coming out of my easel display.  I just got a new Jullian french half-size easel and wanted to break it in and show it off.  And why not?  I’m very proud of it, one of the best easels ever.  So I packed my easel, umbrella, table and another paint box with small works all with me on my bicycle.  Yes, Vietnamese style.  I managed to lug everything from my house to the Square.  It took around 20 minutes and thankfully my bungee cord held everything together.  Can you imagine how horrific it would be if my easel jumped off and tried to escape in the road?  Well that was on my back, so no chance of that happening.

My new easel display

Everything goes on the back with a bungee cord. Vietnamese style

My Easel Display needs a painting

So now that I had my easel display up, it was showtime and while I had my small paintings out for sale, I was starting a brand new painting.  I had no idea what to paint when I got there, just whatever seemed right for this moment.  And seeing kids playing in the fountains was something I never tried to paint before.  In fact, painting figures in my paintings is a new thing for me, so I wanted to see how it went.  I knew I had to work fast, get some images in my memory and paint what I think would look good.  Good paintings require what to put in, what to leave out.  I just wanted two or three figures in the fountain, and chose a little girl, a baby and her mother.  I didn’t want faces, I just wanted the gestures captured in a good way that expressed what the painting was about.  So that’s what happened and the whole thing was done in a few hours.  I enjoyed doing this, it was challenging and I was pushing my personal comfort zone, which was good.  That’s how you grow as an artist.  Till next time, happy painting!

This painting is now available in my gallery.


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