Several drawings at the Easel Place


It looked like I was the only artist that showed up (besides Rafael, the owner of the Easel Place yesterday!)  But it still was a productive day, as I did several drawings of these happy campers down below.  The first is Rafael and the other is Lenore.  Lenore is a guitarist/singer who posed for me yesterday.  She was very cool during the whole process, which took only 20-30 minutes.  I realized I may not be capable of drawing slick, prestine drawings.  My lines tend to be raw, expressive, energetic in my opinion.  But I’m glad I did them and I hope you enjoy them too.  I’ll be going to Capitan, NM for the bus project (read yesterday’s blog to see details!).  It’s a 3 hour trip, far less than previous trips, but an important one.  I would like to paint a figure with a sunset background on the bus.  I’ll let you know what’s going on depending if there’s WI-FI there, who knows? 


Rafael Drawing

Lenore drawing