Sitting in a coffeeshop by the river


Downtown Lambertville

Downtown Lambertville

I’m still enjoying my time in Lambertville, NJ.  I have been spending my time taking pictures of the area and visiting my friends.  It still feels a bit surreal being here, because this is the area I grew up in.  When you walk in certain buildings or places when you were a kid, it’s very different.  The places you thought were much bigger are really much smaller.   When I visited my old elementary school, the playground sure seemed a whole lot bigger.  It looks pretty much the same, except that it shrunk since growing up!  

One of the friends I visited, especially in Lambertville is an artist named Gordon Haas.  He has owned his gallery for about 15 years and has done very well.  He’s quite a great role model of how do be a good person while having a successful art career.  He also frames his own work as a bonus service.  His work is impressionistic landscapes of Italy, France and Lambertville.  He says that Lambertville’s beauty rivals any other exotic location, because it’s known for its canals, river and lush rolling hills and farmland.  This guy could live anywhere, but has found our little river town home.  He’s one of my favorite people from this area and I was glad to have visited him.

Mainly, just reconnecting with my parents have been important.  Yes, we’ve had major differences and plenty of issues, and I knew this trip would be important just from being with them again.  Just relaxing in the hometown of your youth or past in a cool coffee shop is enough for me, so hopefully I will get back to my art soon.