Still alive and kicking in Lambertville, New Jersey


The view of my old place in Lambertville

The view from my old place in Lambertville

 Typing away from a Dunkin Donuts shop (It has internet access, enough said)  in New Hope, PA, across the river from Lambertville, NJ, it is a rainy day and nice to be indoors.  The most artistic thing I have been doing here since arriving Sunday night was walking around both river towns taking photos of streets, architecture, and the river.  It still feels a bit surreal to be back, but I have been out exploring.  It’s been raining mostly since I got here, but there has been some good vibes being back.  I enjoy going back to some of the old shops and galleries, including the Duchamps Gallery in Lambertville, where it used to be a home where I lived a long time ago.  I loved it so much because it has a backyard made of bricks, that’s like a huge patio right on the river!  This is the same river Washington crossed to defeat the British that helped win the Revolutionary War.  Some major flooding and the economy has hit these towns hard, as there are some homes and empty stores in great locations for sale.  But the charm of these places are still there.  It’s been nearly 4 years since I visited these towns like this.  So far, I like the quaint coffee shops and hippie/rock places found around here.

Not bad from some creative teens!

Not bad from some creative teens!

At this Dunkin Donuts, I found a display of paintings from local high school students that was so cool, I wanted to show it here.  Maybe one of these students will be a famous artist one day, but it’s just one of those unexpected pleasures that warmed my heart like the egg muffin I ate here warmed my stomach.  I just hope the weather gets sunny, but then again, ain’t nothing like November rain!  Have a great Thanksgiving!