Storm Front

Storm Front
There’s always a storm brewing, whether it’s the outdoors or in your heart, time changes and nothing lasts forever. That is, possibly except my new painting, “Storm Front”. Sometimes things don’t always go your way and you carry that pain around you for days, months or years. It’s like hell. Fortunately, my outlet in expressing these emotions sometimes comes out of my body and into my paintings. I used a limited palette of the primary colors (red, yellow, blue) and white. It was also incredibly windy and it blew my palette off the easel at one point, and into my lap. Paint everywhere on my blue jeans. Sometimes you have to sacrifice your clothes, it’s all part of the trip. I started with a bright orange for the landscape so I could have a strong underpainting and glow to the piece. I knew that I was going to paint some dull colors, so this bright underpainting was essential. I like to have the light shine through, it’s poetic justice that light comes through the storm.

Painted on location in LaCienega, New Mexico, it’s small enough to put anywhere in your home, yet large enough to warm your own heart and lifestyle.

And you can own it today and will be shipped FedEx right away.

TITLE: Storm Front
MEDIUM: oil on board
SIZE: 6×8
PRICE: $95 (+$8 s/h)