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Little Vivi & Art-Man

Little Vivi

Little Vivi

Sometimes the best thing about teaching are the students. I emphasize “students” because in the grand scheme of things, I like and appreciate children more than most adults. Children can be teachers too. They can remind you what it’s like to do nothing and still have fun. They laugh way more, about anything at anytime. They have so much energy and break out in song (‘Let it Go” is favored these days). How could you not love kids, they have so much to offer and it’s awesome to look at life through their eyes.

Now I say all this because the other reason I enjoy teaching very much is the fact children make great subjects for paintings.  ‘Little Vivi’ was no exception.  I painted a few of the other students but something about Vivi stood out and I spent more time painting and repainting this painting.  I started last year, put it away  and went back to it recently.  Sometimes you need to put a painting away to gain a fresh perspective.

Ok, but who is Art-Man?

Art-Man is a concept of my alter-ego, a superhero I created because of my desire to create my ideal self.  Just as children use their imagination, so I picked up some inspiration and went for it too.  Here’s what Art-Man is all about:

“Art-Man” is my alter-ego.  He is a small man with a big heart, strong-willed and compassionate to his fellow man, and consumes green tea, smoothies, and peanut butter for fuel.  He meditates and worships the sun for extra strength.  Art-Man strives for a passionate and simple life.  He learned from a Taiwanese spiritual leader that he was a Chinese monk 300 years ago.  Art-man creates art with a zen-warrior focus to spread beautify for an art-hungry world.  Art-man is a global citizen and his world is his studio.  Faith travels with him on his adventures.  He is a student and teacher, as he believes in the power of education.  His goal is to create art create high-quality, raw, timeless works of art that is ‘mystified in light’.  Essential accessories include his backpacker easel, palette knives, filbert brushes and oil paints.  Art-Man’s focus and creative will is so intense, that time becomes obsolete and becomes part of that moment.  Often misunderstood, he may appear aloof and lost, but really is connected to a higher spiritual dimension due to his solitary nature and artistic discipline.  The truth of his being may be found in his colors and brushstrokes.  His paintings are considered to be his greatest gifts to society, to those who cherish passionate works of art.

And there you have it.  Do you have your own superhero/alter-ego?