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Another strange day at the Loretto

After getting a better night's sleep, I went to my vendor gig to sell my art, but with a plan.  I decided to bring my acrylic paints and do several paintings.  I'm tired of sitting on my butt watching people go by, so to use my time more wisely, I painted the Loretto church and another scene in a playful manner.  It took me about 4 hours to do both works and it reminded me of Leroy Neiman.  Because acrylics dry so fast, I felt more playful and freer than with oils, I felt like I had nothing to lose if I put a good effort into it.  They turned out great and this could be the start of something new and wonderful.  I'll post these paintings soon.  I made no sales again.  Seemed like more of a jewelry crowd than fine art.  I have to try out different tactics, so anyone reading you are free to suggest.  Time to get crazy and inventive!