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Back in New Mexico from my art trip

Lambertville Vista Oil on wood  12″x16″

I got back on my trip after 3 weeks on the road to NJ and back from my art show.  There’s something to be said of endurance and travel, either it will break you or help you grow.  Personally, I relate to the latter more.  Sure it was exhausting driving cross-country in 3/4 days, staying in strange motels, eating strange food, meeting strange people, and just enjoying it all.  I know that I may be expected to write an extra long post because of this monstrous trip, but I beg to differ.  Can I say everything I want to say in a shorter page or must I drag this blog on longer than it should be?  Funny, I already have, so I’ll cut through the chase and point out the highlights of the trip:

  • The car ran good, except…that darn engine light came on after I left Cleveland going home.  5 days later, it went off.  My car is getting an oil change as I’m writing this, so no major damage, no accidents, no tickets.
  • My favorite places included…West Virginia…beautiful scenery, Western Maryland, Western Oklahoma…it has some unique reddish dirt.  The World’s largest gift shop in central Missouri…it was really a large flea market, but I won’t tell them that.  Southern Kansas was beautiful, rolling green hills and found the Wizard of Oz…in Liberty, KS.  The ocean in Ocean City, MD, can’t beat swimming in it, after being in the desert, all I can say was, “AHHHHHHH”
  • But my favorite detour on the road had to be Cleveland, OH. I went to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, amazing place!  My favorite things were the Pink Floyd and Genesis artifacts and Lake Erie.  Cleveland looked like a cool place to hang out, when you’re on the road, you have a schedule to follow.
  • Reconnecting with a few family members. You know who you are, thank you so much!

Back to the art show.  It was a long weekend, but I still made a few sales.  My booth looked great, had some new abstract paintings too, which I was proud of.  Sure it was magical New Hope, but there were mostly lookers instead of buyers.  But I don’t regret doing the show in my old hometown area.  I enjoyed myself, seeing my nephews (I finally got called “Uncle Josh”) and relatives visiting me at my booth was very cool.  Some of my family finally got to see me at work, as I completed my one lone painting above, “Lambertville Vista”.  I never painted that scene before, and since I painted from a photo, I took my time to complete it, which is why there is lots of detail.

So now I’m back in Santa Fe, where the future looks uncertain and but the memories still remain vivid.  Guess there is no place like home.  But which?

Art Show Review in Green and Blue

Today was my little art business in the great outdoors. I planned the layout of the tent a few nights before, such as where to put the tables, include my easel so I could paint in front of everyone, and everything else that fell into place. Though it was sunny and 70, and there was a decent crowd, most were lookers or as vendors call them “nibblers”. Nothing wrong with that, but we vendors like to have nibblers become buyers, nothing personal. Maybe the prices were high, or they weren’t ready to purchase a work of art, who knows. Most vendors didn’t do that well either. Strangely, I would have in the past, become bitter after the show, but I was feeling good about myself. I learned certain things about myself during the course of the day.

Just be yourself and keep the faith were the best advice I received from another vendor. What else can you do, act like a used car salesman? I’m not selling cars though and I don’t want to come across as a salesman. Sure I have to talk to potential customers, but I want to be cool, happy and loose. It helped that I brought my easel to paint today. I was enjoying the process of painting oils on an existing acrylic landscape.   I call the finished painting “Green and Blue” and I’ll post it soon.  I was focusing more on textures and colors, and ysed my water-soluable oils. They sure cleaned easy too. I was working on and off during the course of the day, wasn’t sure how many people were watching me paint. But to me it was better than just staring at people all day long.

I wanted people to know I’m a working artist, and doing the easel demo really lifted my spirits, and I felt I was myself and not nervous at all. It was good medicine for the mind and soul. And I came away with a little hope that things will improve, because I made it the best day I could.  Hopefully the sales will come soon enough. I just have to keep the faith.