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Is the art dream still alive-new article just published on Huliq.com

I just wrote this article, someone from this news site asked me to be a guest blogger and can write anything I want relating with art.  So I went to this Albuquerque cafe this week, wrote it out and just got published!  I would like to do more guest blogging in the near future, this was fun to do.


There are many artists of all kinds in Santa Fe; painters, musicians, poets, Subway sandwich artists, all have one thing in common that bonds. We all want to live the dream. You know the dream. We want to create great, amazing works of art that the world will notice, that holy grail of "making it" and achieving fame and fortune.

At least from this artist's perspective. Many come to Santa Fe because it's one of the largest art markets in the country, and many have "made it" here. The lure of a better life, the weather, food, many cultures, and the amazing surreal landscape all attract artists from all over our globe. But there is one point that I'm trying to figure out, trying to express here. Is the art dream still alive in Santa Fe? I could only explain and explore from personal experience.  Cont…Huliq