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Back from the Mesa Show, part two (2 of 3)


My simple Art Booth at the Mesa Show

My simple Art Booth at the Mesa Show

On Friday morning (12/10), I arrived to downtown Mesa by the Mesa Arts Center to set up my booth.  I use a white canopy by Cabella’s and used one mesh wall for the bulk of my artwork.  My concept was to keep the display not only simple, but have an open-air feel to it.  When I see where my site was to set up everything, I plan where I’m going to put everything, such as the wall, the easel, and the table.  I know there will be very elaborate displays, but I can’t worry about what other’s booths are like.  I just knew that my booth would look good and the art is the most important thing anyway.  It took me about 3 hours to complete the set-up.  

View from the Phoenix Zoo

View from the Phoenix Zoo

After I was done, I had plenty of time to do stuff before the big weekend.  I decided to visit the Phoenix Zoo.  It’s a great zoo, because of the natural desert setting and my favorite part, the monkey exhibit.  It was a nice diversion and I had a good time.  I later ate dinner at Cracker Barrel which was right across from my hotel.  Had a nice southern dinner in fact.  Here’s hoping for a tasty show tomorrow!

Horsing around with the art again


"Mr. Blue Eye"  8x10x1  Oil on board  $150

"Mr. Blue Eye" 8x10x1 Oil on board $150

Happy first of September, hopefully a month to remember!  I’ve been very busy doing some painting touch-ups on many of my works and hope to post soon.  This is a new painting based on an older painting called “Ol- Blue Eyes”.  This is closer up, a more detailed view of the essence of a horse.  I just helped some friends move into their new place yesterday, but I did manage to pay the rent and do some more notecards for the upcoming art show on the plaza this weekend.  (See News/Events)  My main concern is hoping the paint dries in time.  I painted over the weekend, and a week should be enough time to dry.  Yellows, oranges and reds don’t dry as quick as purples, blues and greens.  I’m not sure why but that is the fact here.  I made the archives section a little more colorful and fun, so check it out!

Moving around in my mind

I’ve been busy reworking quite a few paintings, about 15 in the last several days.  I’ll post some of the results soon.  I’ve worked hard to make this site as professional as I could.  I take pride in the clean, uncluttered look and to encourage subscriptions and comments because I would like to become more interactive with my audience.  There is so much potential here, with my own store, cool gallery and travel photos, I could hardly wait and see how this site evolves.  Maybe you can witness all this.  I would advise anyone to try WordPress out, it’s quite powerful with the power to become as self-sufficient as you want it.  I have to admit, lately I’ve been a bit down, no a lot down.  I’m not sure if I’m going to live in Santa Fe much longer.  I’ve been here for 3 years and I’ve noticed in the last several months that it’s been hard to be here.  Maybe it’s my wanderlust nature, I’m thinking of different places where I could thrive.  To me, it’s all about the environment, my surroundings.  I’m very sensitive to the energies around me.  I do miss the ocean so I thought about Charleston, SC, Virginia Beach or Ocean City, MD (Where my parents live).  Though if costs were not a factor, I would consider San Diego or Laguna Beach.  Between the mountains, desert, lushness and ocean, California would be ideal.  But I might feel very far from my roots (I am from New Jersey).  I also thought about Tucson, Las Vegas, and Austin, TX.  I like the energy and city of Austin, but I don’t think there’s much of an art scene, though the economy and other major Texas cities are nearby for festivals.  But my lease is up in October and right now my goals are to produce some great paintings and to stay healthy.  I am eating more raw foods and hope to lose some weight too.  So much to do, it’s hard to be motivated until you start moving around.  So I’m moving around more!