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Joyce & Jeni painting, part 2

This is the update of my “Jeni & Joyce” painting.  I fixed up the eyes on both subjects, making them a bit larger, with blue and purple colors in them.  I also changed the background to green so I could complement the red hair.  I also added some texture to Jeni’s clothes, took my palette knife and added some interesting effects.  Some highlights were also added to Joyce’s red hair.  I’m going to develop it more but it gives me a blueprint to work from.  The glasses will be further developed too.  I took a dry paintbrush to soften the face so it won’t look splotchy.  All in all, I believe it’s progressing well, as I’m taking my time and not rushing the process.  Stay tuned for more soon.

"Jeni & Joyce" (work in progress) oil on canvas