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Is there more to life than magnets?

I just had my Sunday show at the Loretto.  Nice weather, lots of people in the first few hours, then it dyed down.  I managed to sell four magnets, a new record, though no new works I sold.  But sometimes you have to say to yourself"Is there more to life than magnets?", hence this post title.  I sure hope so, I don't think God came down and said "Josh, your purpose in life is to shower the world with magnets of your own creation".  Thanks for telling me that, now can I just do what I want, which is to create art so people will actually have something to enjoy on the wall rather than staring at a cheap 24×30 painting they bought on the boardwalk for $29.  I could never understand that logic.  Don't people want something alive and one of a kind in their homes (besides a loved one, of course).  I'm not sure if life was meant to be logical, I don't see animals in the wild, like two mountain lions saying each other, "You know, I'm bored, why don't we study a new career or hitch a ride to the Congo and see what's going on there?"  The other lion, "Sounds like a plan, Bob but we should stay here, because it's safe.  It's the logical thing to do."  If you see lions having that conversation, by all means let me know.  We can learn a lot from animals, they are the perfect mammals who truly live in the moment.  No regrets or promises.  I wish the art life was like that.  But we are such anal, paranoid, materialistic creatures that happiness is treated like a by-product than a priority.  I know what I'm doing may not change the world on a global scale, but at least I'm trying to add a little beauty to it, it's not rocket-science.  If I hear from someone "I wish I had the talent to do that", makes me want to say "Listen, you have talent, may not be in art, but whatever you have, use it and you'll lead a more promising life.  If you get paid for it, even better, but use your gifts or you will die with the music still inside you."  And that includes yours truly.  I'm still learning what my gifts are, still developing them, still growing up.  I believe growing up is a lifelong process, not just until you're 18 and you get out of the house and live your own life.  How do I know?  I still see some senior citizens still wanting to learn, still evolving.  I don't see myself as a grown-up.  Grown-ups are still evolving.  Responsible kids evolve to responsible adults.  We're students and teachers at the same time.  I didn't have to go to college to learn all this, life taught me this.  Life is your best teacher.  Love is our natural state, hatred is a learned behavior.  I don't see mountain lions hating each other, haven't seen it yet on National Geographic, have you?  Maybe human nature is illogical.  Maybe it's not.  Don't worry about how my life is going, worry about yours.  If you don't take care of yourself, who will?  I grasp all these questions on a daily basis.  Ok, I'll be quiet now and show you my latest painting.  Can anyone relate?

                    "Nestled"  Acrylic on board  4×6