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1.22.12: Painting experiment inside, part 1

'Cat Relapse' 9x12 oil on pastel paper


With just a few paints such as yellow, red, blue and white, I wanted to experiment on different surfaces.  There’s a cat I live with named “Reba”  Such a cute little brown/white cat.  This painting was intentionally created in an abstract because I felt like having more fun with the abstract element.  This will be a very short post because I want to create posts from now on that will be the essence or “core” of my painting.

My blog is now a creative journal.  It sounds more human and intimate, and I like that as much as the core values of my artwork.  Humanly intimate.

The verbal side of the right brain.  If that exists.  I do know for one thing.  You cannot BS your way to a good painting.  A good painting shows its raw emotion, use it to its full strength and don’t hold back.

Feel free to respond, it’s your free will.  If you like this post, show some love and pass it on.   – jl

Part 2 and 3 coming this week, stay tuned…


A little Gratitude never hurts

"Dia Del Gato"

This is not one of those “Have a Merry Christmas” post and then get back to your own reality.  Why not make the most of this holiday and take stock of the things that matter to you the most.  I’m guessing that all the presents you have received in your lifetime won’t amount to the images, feelings and experiences you have during the holidays.  So what kind of present would be optimal for this holiday?  How about GRATITUDE.

Yes, you heard right.  Gratitude meaning “to be grateful for the things you have”, and not worry about the things you do not have.  Here’s a few things I’m grateful for:

  • A roof over my head
  • A car I drive (despite being old with dents and all)
  • Family members who actually love me
  • A girlfriend who loves me
  • Enough food that I won’t starve
  • Living out my ideals without compromise
  • Still focused on my dreams
  • Still have the ability to create good art

Those are the ones that rolled off my head without thought.  I’m sure there’s a bunch more, but these are my core.

I’m also grateful that I had the time and finances to travel cross-country and see and paint this beautiful country.  If you ever get the chance, take a month off and just travel by car or RV.  You won’t regret it.

Just the fact I’m still living my dreams just boggles my mind.  It really puts your priorities in order when you’re struggling…but at least struggle with a positive purpose.

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Now go out and have a little fun…ho ho ho.