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have a little tea with that please…

When you're sitting at the Loretto with lots of time on your hands, you tend to get a little restless.  Either you get up and look around, talk to a few other vendors or go to the bathroom.  Me, I rather do something productive like sketch something or paint a few things, could be magnets or some new paintings.  So on Sunday I brought a Japanese teacup and a rotting apple.  No fresh ones available, but thought it would be interesting to bring a rotting apple.  Just using a masonite board and a small paintbrush, plus a 3-4 color palette, I created this little beauty.  I refined it a little more at home, added a brighter highlight of orange to it, which it made it more dramatic.  I love how it turned out.  I will paint a series of paintings, I thought of traveling to Taos using the high road.  Also, I'd like to extend my gratitude to the young couple who bought 3 of my works on Sunday, what a great surprise.  They were 3 oil paintings from my basket, all unframed.  One was a dog, one was an apple/pear still life and the other was another abstract painting I can't remember right now, but all 3 were very colorful and textured pieces.  It turned out most of the other vendors weren't doing as good that day.  You would like to jump up and high five everyone, but out of respect, it's best to keep a quiet celebration within.  Unfortunately, a couple vendors heard about my success, and I did feel some resentment.  It's a shame, because sometimes when you do experience success, there's always that possibility of resentment and anger.  I would have liked to hear some congrads.  Remind you these were from vendors who have said to me before, "it's so hard to sell fine art", or "I've only sold 1 piece last summer", things like that.  I don't try to limit myself.  I don't want to sound harsh, but if they can't be happy for someone else, then forget them.  Selling art is hard enough, but I don't need or deserve backlash.  I tried not to let it rain on my parade, because I was so thrilled to have finally broken through this Mother's Day weekend.  But you also find who your true friends are too.  If I start to feel down when I'm at my booth, I'll try to remember about how good it felt to make good sales, and how my energy level was high and I was very into the moment.  This energy is important and I'll try not to let negative people get in the way.  When I was watching the Celtics win a game, the same mantra kept coming up after each win "The heart of a champion never stops fighting"  I really like this quote, because it really sums up my life well.  Gratitude washes away negativity.  I don't need negativity in my life, nor negative people.  It's time to practice gratitude more.

Japanese cup & apple small
Japanese Teacup and Apple  4×6  oil on board