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Santuario Revisted, the sequal

Santuario Revisited-wc print

I completed this painting at the Easel Place in ABQ, NM right before Christmas and finally got around to taking a photo and posted for your enjoyment.  My goal for this piece was to work from the previous Santuario painting (in my landscape gallery) and see what my perspective would be like in an acrylic painting.  Turns out that it came out great, in my opinion.  The colors are more vivid and clean, and the composition is unique.  Instead of painting the towers a dark color, I lightened it up this time around and cast a simple blue sky.  I wanted the foreground of flowers to show up a little more elaborate too.  The more flowers, the better.  I hope to make more church paintings in the near future.  Whether it will be oil or acrylic, who knows, but I like how the colors pop here.