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My brain is all taxed out

I just took this CRS tax class today at Santa Fe Community College, then I realized how glad I was that I didn't attend college anymore.  Not that I hate college, in fact I have always enjoyed being on a college campus.  When I was in high school, I was very introverted, hated most of my classmates, maybe it had to do that I was the new kid on the block.  My family moved and I started 10th grade at a different school.  I began to realize how different I was.  It was a more preppier environment, not much diversity.  What kept me going was that I was in marching band.  It was the one activity that kept me out of trouble, I learned to play the bass drum and march, while looking like I was a member of Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band.  I realized that I had a good work ethic too, I had the biggest bass drum, showed up for practice all the time and learned the songs well.  Has anyone ever felt like the black sheep of their school?  Well I did, and hopefully it made me a better man.  I couldn't wait to go to college, I knew things would get better.  And they did, especially living away from home was like breaking out of prison.  I had my freedom, I was doing art, doing solo and group shows, and always did art.  College is where I first got the bug, you know, the itch to create, to do great works of art, to become successful and live the life you choose, not what your parents expect of you.  Did I get off course again?  Ok back to the CRS class.  I legally started my business several weeks ago.  I have my business license and carry it around like I do with a diploma.  I feel legit and now I must learn to do my taxes the right way.  Today felt like I was back in my accounting class, I had no brain cells afterwards, it was a lot of stuff.  Fortunately, the staff at the college were really good and want you to succeed.  Allies are important, friends are also important.  You need both in your life so you won't feel alone, because no one can do it alone.  I hope some of you out there in blogland could relate to what I'm saying.  We all have to inspire each other.  I know what negativity feels like, and I choose not to go down that path.  Be strong and do what makes your life worthwhile.  There is something out there for everyone.  I wish I knew this at 23, I could have saved many mistakes, then again, maybe I wouldn't be the man I am today without all of these bumps in the road.  Now I'm going to bed, trying not to think of taxes.