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I rode my red bicycle back to Italy

‘Florence Doorway’ 14×11″ oil on panel

I took a much needed hiatus to work on my life and art. Last time I posted, I was living in Vietnam as an art teacher. The job didn’t pan out like I hoped. I had such high hopes building a quality art program at a local, private school. I did all kinds of cool projects with my students. However, the school and myself didn’t quite see on the same level about the art program. So we parted ways and I stayed in Vietnam until February. I took short trips to Hong Kong and Cambodia before deciding to go back to the USA. What really drove me back to my own country? Well, besides wanting to see my family again in person, I got an art studio in Ft. Collins, Colorado. It was full of possibilities. To be in a great working environment with other artists was truly intriguing to me. I did have a small studio, about an 8×10 space. I was painting there nearly every day. Life was good.

But things quickly went south because I didn’t account for the high cost of living.  I’m still adjusting to American life and was in sticker shock about the food and rent here.  I couldn’t afford an apartment and an art studio.  And though I tried to live in my art studio to help save up, it wasn’t going to be a long-term solution.  So I had to give up the art studio and paint in my bedroom or outdoors.  So the past few months was quite an adjustment period and I’m happily back on course again.

So I decided to revisit my Italian trip from last summer and start a series of paintings that’s long overdue.  So I proudly present the first painting of my Italian series.  I actually did rent a red bicycle and rode around Rome.  Even though this shot was from Florence.  I do love doors and there happened to be a blue bicycle parked in front.  I thought red would be a much better color and ended up working well.  Sometimes a color tweak can really improve the scene.  And most important, I didn’t just work from a photo, but the feeling of being there again.   I wanted this old world feel to it, yet have some different styles I enjoy playing with.  And I love the bricks going around the old door, yet it’s still a simple scene.   When you have a mixture of styles, I believe it makes things more dynamic and interesting.  So there you have it.  Stay tuned for the process of my next painting.  And feel free to sign up for my newsletter