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The quest for the iconic moment in Thailand

I was visiting Thailand the past week. My first time there. Can’t believe it! Now when I got there, the only things I had planned to do was to take an art class and play with elephants. Fortunately, I did those and went on trips to villages, Chiang Rai, and even Laos! The people were very friendly and at times there seemed like there were more foreigners like myself than Thai people. Tourism attracts the nomadic spirit and everything seems possible too. Some cities, such as Albuquerque, Taipei and Chiang Mai I call “blank canvas” cities, because they seem to lack a dominant identity. When you hear Paris, the Eiffel tower comes to mind. Italy, pizza and the awesome Pisa. Spain, bullfighting and flamenco.

Chiang Mai has atmosphere. A laid-back atmosphere that allows you to be you, to explore yourself and enjoy the buffet of sights, sounds and tastes that a small, exotic place like Chiang Mai has to offer.  And I sure had a special bonding moment with the baby elephants.



I explored my drawing abilities and took a different kind of journey. Using charcoal and dry brushes helped me create my portrait. I wanted to get the facial perspectives correct. I finally had a teacher to help me correct some habits, like fine-tuning my “seeing” ability. The first drawing came out very well. The teacher, Noina stepped in later to show me what to correct, so I’d say she did about 20% of the drawing.


However, the next drawing which I did came two days later.  I spent the whole time, about 3 hours with a different picture.  This one, I had lots of help organizing the eyes and shapes of the facial features.  My teacher was great, because she only stepped in when it was necessary.  Otherwise, she kept a close eye on me and my drawing.  And here’s the result.

Thai Girl