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Saturday’s all right for the Farmer’s Market Show


My booth at the Santa Fe Farmer's Market


At the last moment, a booth on Saturday became available. Yes!  Just three days after returning from the Mesa Show, I was looking for some more shows.  I found out about some artist show at the Santa Fe Farmer’s Market and inquired about availability.  Fortunately, there was a spot open so there I was on Saturday selling my work.  I did end up selling a small original landscape painting so I was pretty happy about that.  My girlfriend, Theresa was with me, being a great supporter of me and the arts!  

Next booth to me was a Guatamalan family of a mother, grandmother and two daughters, both whom grew very fond of us.  Alexandria and Naomi were so cute, very playful with us, so it was a neat moment.  I still had to pay attention of the people coming to my booth, but I managed well.  I even had my easel outside the door with a painting on.  And the location of the booth was great, right by the door where people from the farmer’s market could enter.  Sure I would have liked to have had a better day, financially speaking, but I did my best.  That’s all I can ask for.

Alexandria and Theresa, a great support team!


My Easel outside the Farmer's Market entrance