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Journey of the horses

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Some journeys are more pleasant than others in this life.  One thing I have learned is that humans travel much faster than paintings when it comes to arriving at their destination.  All your hopes, dreams and aspirations are pinned to the reliability of the mail service you entrusted.  You look at your beloved painting and tell it, “You are going to your new home now, your driver is____.  Call me when you get there, enjoy your new life!”.

Well I didn’t exactly tell my painting that, come to think of it, I never really talk to me paintings unless it’s during the painting process.  I know it can get a bit lonely when you’re painting in your studio, but I’m not at that point yet where I start talking out loud to my art.  But I do pray a lot for my art to come out well and to get to the new owner’s home safely.

Where I live, it’s the smallest city in Portugal and therefore I’m far from frame shops and the closest FedEx.  I went to my local post office where that was my only option at the time, because I wanted my client to have the painting quickly.  I don’t visit Porto often and wasn’t sure when I would get there.  I work mostly during the day/night teaching and wanted to get my painting shipped before Thanksgiving.  And it helped that CTT, my local post office, said it would take around 5 days to get to its destination.  I’ve mailed postcards out before and they arrived to people so I entrusted them with my painting.

Then the journey hit some speed bumps.

A week then two weeks past and looking at the tracking info, it still hasn’t arrived at its destination.  My heart started to sink because I was fearing the worst.  And it didn’t help after finding out that once my package left Portugal, then it stopped tracing the package.  What kind of logic was that?  I found out that in Portugal, you used to trace the package for the whole journey but that changed last year.  I should have done more research, if I only know after talking about it in my Facebook groups.  I started hearing stories of mail taking up to six weeks.  Then again, I also heard FedEx was so reliable as well.

I put in a claim last week and was thinking about contacting customs.  Somebody must know where this package was!  I mean it’s 2017, isn’t everything monitored to the tee?  I was starting to become quite uneasy, about to shred Portugal for what they’ve done to my art.  Stuff like this could ruin your whole perception on the places you live.

After three weeks, my client said she received my art and is getting it framed at this very moment!  Talk about the taking a collective deep breath!  I was so miserable during the process of the journey with this package.  I was ready to paint another one, regardless how hard it may have been.  It’s impossible to duplicate an original piece of art, but I was ready to do so.  It was my fault for not choosing a private, international carrier in the first place.  And from now on, it’s what I’ll do.  Life’s too short to worry about these kind of things, so there is a happy ending.  My customer got her art and I got another life lesson.

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