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goat hill autumn scene

Goat Hill Autumn Vista

Painting is nothing and everything at the same time. Taking color from nature and making it real onto the canvas. Making something from nothing. It can be considered magical or impossible. Being human makes it possible for us to do a painting or anything creative at that.

I visited the highest point of Lambertville, a park with a road called “Goat Hill”. Walking through the forest on a trail, I could reach the top of the hill in just half an hour from my house. I took pics of the vista. Looking at the beautiful valley with the Delaware River cutting through it like a knife. The Autumn foliage adds all kinds of warm colors to it. I knew I had to paint this scene. I used an unusual dimension size because squares are fun and unique sizes to do. I wanted to have a warm underpainting and painted reds and oranges before adding some greens for the trees.

The sun was starting to set and took the sunset highlights and added shades of blue all over the sky. It seems that I’m enjoying painting the simplicity of a scene without overdoing it on color and texture, it’s allowing me to paint faster and to have the colors more crisp and deliberate. This was a fun challenge to do. I’m always curious about where this painting will lead to next.