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Made it to Gongju and life will never be the same!


The tao of a fork

I made it to South Korea. I’m staying at a neat little place in Gongju, about 100 miles south of Seoul. I’m near everything, it’s a ‘big’ little city and I am just scratching the surface to see what this exotic place is all about. I have already bought some groceries (haven’t found peanut butter yet), washed my clothes, though it’ll take a while to navigate since everything’s in Korean, and I have taught 11 classes in the past two days. More than anything, adjusting emotionally to a new environment is challenging, I could only imagine how immigrants feel when coming to the US. Yes, my perspective is changing quickly.

I will post some new works as soon as I get settled. Check out my links page to see more quirky photos and bungling mishaps I’m sure will come soon!

If my art is half as good as this Green Tea Latte, then I'll be content