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Now showing at the Loretto…

Since I got back from Austin, I've had some good fortune come my way.  Though I was selling some of my work in downtown Santa Fe, things were good for a while, then it got slow, real slow.  About a month ago, I found out that vendors at the Loretto church were doing well due to high traffic.  I felt this would be a good move if accepted, because I was doing nothing else and needed to step up my efforts and put myself in the best possible position to sell my work.  Naturally, the spaces at the Loretto were filled so I opted to be on the waiting list.  Several weeks ago, I got a call about an available space.  Fortunately, I was in the area that day and not somewhere very far.  Within an hour, I looked at the space and liked what I saw.  But then the manager said no tents were allowed, just tables.  I suddenly got real nervous, I said I would like to see the space again.  This bought me some time to think about it.  I wanted to make sure this was the right move and 5 minutes later, I decided to go for it.  I'm now a vendor at the famous Loretto Church, wow! Today was my 3rd day exhibiting at the Loretto.  Yesterday I made my first sale, sold two small paintings to an Oklahoma couple who were very nice.  I would like to do 3-4 days/week, the busy season is coming up and there is much potential.  Just in the last week, I got my business license, CRS and federal number, and a new studio apt that is a live in/work space in an artist compound just a mile from the plaza.  I'm going to start new work, I will be painting at a higher volume, I'm not sure what's going to come about, but I assure you it will be high quality.  Fortunately, there are some great vendors at the Loretto with support and advice.  I hope even in this economy, I can fulfill high expectations.  I know if I could sell work now, I can sell in any economy.  I just need the right people willing to support my dream.  Can you dig it?  I refuse to accept anything else but a great start to my career.  Now it's up to me to paint the best paintings I can paint.  

Loretto Booth 4.19.09
My booth at the Loretto Church in Santa Fe