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40 lessons I learned in 40 years


Well I finally made it…40 years on earth starting at 2:06am on June 23.  So much has happened and it feels like I climbed some wall and once I saw the other side, I see the future.  An unseen future with ideas without a certain reality.  Nothing is certain in this life.  I have no idea how many years I have left in this world.  I might as well make the most of it and use my facilities to the fullest.  Or maybe age is just some stupid number we all keep tract of.  But I figured a great way to celebrate my birthday with all of you is to give what I think the 40 lessons I have learned.  Though there may be many more, these 40 are what come to mind, so here it goes in no particular order…

1.  The golden rule still stands:  Be respectful of yourself and others.

2.  Don’t shy away from a fight, embrace it, have your ass kick, and grow strong from it.

3.  Fly your freak flag.  Even if people still think you’re a freak, they’re probably right.

4.  If you don’t love yourself, no one will.  Maybe they will, but you still have to love yourself.

5.   Learn to drive.  Nuff said.

6.   Crying can be healthy for the soul.

7.   Sleep 7-8 hours per night.  You need to recharge your batteries.

8.   You don’t need college to be a great artist, just great teachers.

9.   Think about the future, but always look forward in today.

10.  Eat healthy, you need nourishment for your creativity.

11.  Find a favorite band and let it be the soundtrack of your life.  Genesis has been my favorite for over 25 years.

12.  Disney films still rock, even the ones before 1950.

13.  Do or not do, there is no try – Yoda.

14.  Atari games seemed so sophisticated 30 years ago.  But they were fun!

15.  Peanut butter is the best food in mankind.  Almond butter is close second.

16.  Pandora radio is this generation’s 1980’s MTV.  It’s just so good.

17.  “Thank you” never goes out of style.

18.  A simple color palette is the way to go in creating harmonious paintings.

19.  Traveling is a great way to educate yourself of life.

20.  I’m more concerned with living a real life than getting a real job.

21.  Orange is a beautiful color, it makes me happy.

22.  It’s ok to be moody, just don’t let it rule your life.

23.  Family can be chosen for you, but you can choose your own as well.

24.  Hardwood floors are better than carpets.

25.  The universe can provide when you least expect it.

26.  Money doesn’t grow on trees, they grow and flow with energy.

27.  Sexy is in the eye of the beholder.  For me, it’s about attitude.

28.  Happiness is a warm smile on a cloudy day.

29.  People can be so curious to a plein-air painter outdoors.  They are like moths to a light.

30.  Your life does change if you relocate to a desert.

31.  A father’s love can make a huge difference in a son’s life.

32.  It’s better to live by your own rules than someone else’s.  But you must make and live by your own rules to live a good life.

33.  Artists are my role models in life.  So is nature.

34.  Faith is crucial to help you overcome obstacles.

35.  Technology can advance or destroy the human race.  Don’t let it become your master.

36.  Blue jeans are the perfect clothes.

37.  I love the ocean, it’s the most simple thing to appreciate.  It just is what it is.

38.  It’s ok to wear your heart on your sleeve, and your art on your pants.

39.  I am still learning about life despite being a smart-ass.

40.  So what now?  I’m 40.

And there’s a little input of my 40 years on earth, but I didn’t tell you anything you already know deep inside.  But what I can tell you is that I’m having my first solo art show in Santa Fe, from June 27-Sept 2, 2011. It will be full of my old and new impressionist works, some on my gallery page.  I’ll even send you an invitation if you like!  I’m pretty excited about it, I have been working hard at creating new works, so I thank everyone for your patience in getting this latest post in.  I also changed my website around because I want it to be what it’s original intention was.  It’s all about the art and my artlife revolving around it.  The honest and blunt truth of it all.  I appreciate you all reading my posts and I’ll continue making the best art that I can make.

Josh’s solo art exhibition

Backstreet Bistro

513 Camino de Marquez

Santa Fe, NM

June 27-Sept 2, 2011

Opening reception:  July 15, 2011  5:30-7:30pm