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Santuario and Respect.

Pathway to El Santuario, Chimayo

Pathway to El Santuario, Chimayo


I wanted to show this painting I had done because I thought it symbolized the day I had today.  I’m always outdoors when I’m at the Loretto chapel in Santa Fe.  I had some of my best work to date and there’s all kinds of pressures to deal with.  The skies are always changing, new cloud formations come out of the old ones.  At one point, the sky was covered with light and dark clouds and there was one patch of blue sky, but it was in a strange shape near the cross of the church.  The shape looked like a cross, then turned into an angel.  I pointed it to my fellow vendors and tourists around me.  I don’t think anyone had a camera at the time, the image of my “blue angel” disappeared in the clouds.  An hour later, the hardest hitting of rains came and washed away the crowds.  Just about everyone packed it in around 3pm and left.  Almost every day it has rained sometime, but it’s monsoon season here, and I’m glad it’s almost over.  In fact, I wish it didn’t rain the rest of the summer.  It’s very frusturating when it rains, because it hurts business.  But at the same time, it made me respect mother nature and its awsome power.  Maybe this month of rain has tested my faith.  If painting is like a religion, then my faith must be affected by mother nature.  Mother nature protects you, nourishes you, is visually stunning.  I think that to be a great plein air painter, you must have the upmost respect for mother nature before having the right skills.  Of course I would love for one day not to rain, but what can you do?

Nature one, Josh nill

Today was a rainy day, the rainiest since I started selling my work at the Loretto two months ago.  I thought it was going to be sunny then rain late afternoon, but New Mexico weather is very unpredictable, like Florida.  No surprise, I left early like many vendors.  It really takes the wind out of you when you're battling nature.  It's a struggle sometimes just keeping the momentum and energy up.  It's still a bit slow with traffic.  I'm trying to improve my salesmanship, I'm not exactly sure what tourists want, except I don't offer $5 paintings.  That's why I made magnets.  But even those aren't selling like I wanted to see.  

Meanwhile, since coming back from the Denver show, I have been creatively active, redoing and improving the color scheme on some of my paintings (that I'll post soon).  I like the color direction I'm going.  I would like to compose some animal paintings soon.  I didn't get into the art shows in Boulder City, NV and Houston that I wanted, but I will focus more on local shows, including the Girls, Inc show I recently applied to.  I haven't gotten in yet, but it would be a great opportunity to participate in.  I have also posted some new work on my art portfolio site, so check it out!  

Time for a fruit dance

This was a work that I was constantly playing around with.  After I got the right color, I decided to add a little more drama by creating some unique lighting.  It looked like to me that the fruit was dancing, so there hence the name "The Fruit Dance".  I'm going to show my work at the Loretto this weekend, hope the rain holds off tomorrow, but the show must go on.

Fruit Bowl Dance-LR
The Fruit Dance  12×16  oil on board