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‘Prallsville Mill’ an old painting redone with new life


‘Prallsville Mill’
oil on board




I brought just a few paintings with me to Korea 6 months ago.  Just some small ones.  This was one of them.  One of my favorite scenes painted near Lambertville, NJ.  A few miles from my old hometown.  Prallsville Mill is a complex of old Colonial houses by the Delaware River build in the 1700’s.  I am most familiar with this type of architecture in my life.  So I painted several layers on top, to get a more rustic feel.  The house is redder, there’s more texture in the buildings, and I added a misty effect for a little mystery.  What do you think?

Also, I redesigned my site.  I consider my website more like a sophisticated blog, very dynamic as the homepage will change quite often.  Its simplicity and design is intentional, I hope you enjoy it.

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