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When will the sun come out?


Jemez Afternoon 1

It’s been a cold, rainy Memorial Day weekend and I was at the Loretto for a couple of hours yesterday before it started raining.  There were only a couple of other vendors besides me, and I had a feeling it was going to be a short day.  Today is raining as well.  I had huge expectations of this weekend, though tomorrow is suppose to be 72 and partly sunny with a chance of rain.  I should be out tomorrow.  Meanwhile, I’m starting to pick which paintings will be in the Denver show, and what kind of frames, what placement the paintings will be in.  I’ll have to get some rustic frames which will complement my work nicely.  I plan to go take the high road to Taos on Tues to paint a series of work, it will last all day and I’ll paint mostly small oil studies.  I might paint two 10×20 paintings on location, my sunrise/sunset paintings, and I’ll even do a large centerpiece, I was thinking a church in Chimayo, NM.  So today is a day of planning.  I also got new business cards from Moo.com called “Minicards”  It’s half the size of original business cards with different photos on each card, they’re very different, but I like it a lot.  In fact, I redesigned my website to complement the cards.  I know where my booth is at the People’s Fair in Denver, it’s on Broadway, booth #36.  It’s on the outskirts, but it’s near an ATM and closest to the capitol building, so I’m pleased about that.  More to come…