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New Santa Fe 1 day show

Art Booth at the Girls, Inc Show, August 2009

Art Booth at the Girls, Inc Show, August 2009

Last saturday,  I decided to flex my art salesman muscles and reserve a table for the 1 day art show at a local market in downtown Santa Fe.  It was a bit chilly, around 45, but it was sunny all day.  I got to meet this jeweler who was selling her goods (jewelry, folks) next store to me.  Very organized and successful and what she does, she helped me organize a bit, organizing my paintings on the tables in front of me.  I also had some smaller unframed paintings in a basket and titled it “Josh’s Little Jems”.  I think it worked, I sold 4 paintings that day!  None of my framed works sold, but there wasn’t many people.  When the warmer temps come, that’s when I’ll have a better shot.  It was a good day, I communicated well with the clients, a couple of clients were from South Carolina, another named Will from Lubbock, TX.  He kindly wrote a quote I put on the store site.  Even a couple in Santa Fe who I completed a mural last summer came back and bought a small painting too!  It was the first time I made a decent profit at a show like this.  I got my face sunburned, but I got over it.  Bring the suntan lotion next time!  I just painted a bunch of smaller works that I will post in the coming days, to bring more works to my store and improve on my skills is very important.  It’s great to be a productive artist!


Valentine’s Day Overated?

I've been thinking about holidays lately, which are the essential and which can we do without.  Valentine's Day was of course invented by Hallmark, a brilliant concept, makes you think if there should be an artist holiday so people can spend money on artwork like Valentine Day cards.  I think that everyday should be like Valentine's Day and Christmas, this world would be a happier place.  Do we really need holidays to dictate our behavior, like "Wow , V-day, time to be loving and get all kinds of gifts to my honey"  well what about the other 364 days?  What do you think?  

Sedona Moon
"Sedona Moon"