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Yamingshan Park Painting

My latest painting adventure outdoors takes place at the famous Yamingshan Park, near Taipei.  The park is bigger than Taipei and has a variety of mountains, hot springs, grasslands settings.  It’s become one of my favorite places to paint and this time I recorded it on my phone.

It was a beautiful Tuesday afternoon where I took a bus to the location and walked over.  There were several groups of bridal photography going on nearby.  It’s one of the most amazing sights in Taiwan because the air and land is clean, and there’s so much space, almost like the American Southwest.  It was so nice to be outside in this setting painting again.  As you might know, I used to live in New Mexico and have always enjoyed mountains.  I selected this view because it was simple and beautiful.  I knew my time was limited and it took time to set up the phone and holder to the right angles on my pochade box.  Directly in front worked best.  Clamping it down was the hardest part.

The set up was a bit tricky, because the clamp wasn’t as stable as I thought.  But it stayed on throughout the painting.  And with just ten minutes of video time.  There was a lot of starting and stopping.  So I recorded about a quarter of the actual painting time, which took about two hours.  I selected my points to record in the beginning, middle and end.  When I got home, I put all the clips together along with some music I enjoy.  Flamenco music!

Originally it was about 4 minutes and because I wanted to post on my Instagram, I cut it to just 1 minute.  I hope you enjoy the results.  More videos will come in the near future!

2016-04-13 22.29.23-1

My painting and palette, both freshly done.