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'Pears in the Kitchen' oil on pastel paper 9x12


Last time we met, I discussed the core essence of my painting in two simple words (cause I love simplicity).  And that phrase was:

Humanly Intimate

Pretty cool phrase?  But maybe you expected more?  If I have to brand my blog or artwork, it would be “More for less”.  

My goal is to trim the fat and cut right into the essence of the blog, into the artwork.  

It’s part of my new outlook on everything in life, because life is so short as it is, and it’s time to create more time for ourselves by…trimming the fat.

So if you’re still with me, and I hope you are, let’s get down to this painting I posted above.  The pears were beautiful objects to paint and this experiment involved using a primary color palette (red, yellow, blue and white) and expressing more with less.  Fewer brushstrokes, more emotion.  It was done on a grayish pastel paper because I liked the paper color toned the whole painting down, and to put more focus on its complementary color: orange.  See the orange in the pears?  Without it, all the other colors would be lost.  There needs to be a dominant color whenever your painting.  It’s like the colors need a leader.  Bring that leader into your painting, and you won’t go wrong.  A simple tweak is all you need.  Masterpieces are irrelevant.  Showing up at your easel, you’re already halfway there.

Feel free to respond, it’s your free will.  If you like this post, show some love and pass it on.   – jl

Part 3 coming this week, stay tuned…