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Path to Sanctuary of Trees

Path-to-Sanctuary_of_TreesAfter spending an hour scraping my palette with a scraper, it was time to do something about that blank canvas pad. Maybe the act of scraping old paint to make for something new can shift the perspective of painting something new, but I believe something did happen. Some things are hard to put into words, but it’s a certain power that you tap inside that brings something amazing out. That’s how the “Path to Sanctuary of Trees” painting came about. I’ve been to this place before. The trees in Taiwan are old and there are unique little surprises lurking about in the area. A shrine seems like it can pop up in the least likely of places. Though the red mark looks like a balloon, I will let the viewer decide that. I made this picture to look as a whole. My confidence in the color mixing and using the knife at the end are growing more each time. It’s an exciting time for me, it feels like a rebirth.