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The Girls, Inc show art show review

My shared booth, 5x10 space at the Girls, Inc Show

Last weekend was the Girls, Inc show in the Santa Fe Plaza.  It’s a great organization to help empower young girls as productive, intelligent people who can make positive contributions in our society.

Last year was my most successful show, and it wasn’t until an artist who came by my booth at the local farmer’s market and asked me to share a booth, I probably wouldn’t have done the show this year.  The booth fee was a bit pricey for me, but since sharing would split the costs, how could I refuse?  Plus I felt I had come a long way with my art and presentation from a year ago, so it was showtime at the Plaza again!

It was a great spot on San Francisco St, in the heart of the action.  It was also on the sunny side, so for a few hours each day, the heat was blazing!  My show partner for our booth, Nancy, used her booth and mesh walls.  It was a great set-up, because there was a built-in French door that separated our space and allowed to put a few more paintings on the walls.  By the way, I love mesh walls because of its lightness and minimalism, and can be rolled up and taken anywhere.  They’re also a fortune, about $200 each wall, but well worth it if you’re doing lots of shows.

There was a good crowd, I learned how to present myself better and get myself out there more.  Nancy (check out her site) was sure a pro even though she has been painting and doing shows less than me.  She had the ability to create a friendly, warm environment just smiling at everyone.  Plus we learned how to talk about each other’s work to customer’s, even when we were taking breaks, we covered for each other.

I met some cool people locally and around  the country.  I ran into people I haven’t seen in ages since living in Santa Fe.  It was like a family reunion of sorts.  As for my attire, I was wearing a white cotton button down shirt and blue jeans.  I didn’t want to wear short, didn’t want to distract my art with my wookie legs;).

And I was proud of the art that I exhibited.  A few new pieces in gold frames really enhanced my collection well.  I had someone look at my Santuario painting a few times and thought that it was finally going to sell, but they never came back.  But if you’re reading this, and you know who you are, contact me!  But I did end up selling 4 small paintings, a print and a notecard.  Though the final tally wasn’t like last year’s, it was still a positive weekend, as I learned much about myself and art.  You have to get your work out there, it’s so important that artists do this. So now it’s back to painting more good stuff and get ready for the New Hope Art Festival next month.