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Halloween Sisters, part 1

Halloween Sisters drawing

Starting a new painting is always fun and scary at the same time.  You never know how it’ll end up, which does make the art journey more interesting.  I’m teaching English at this school and I really love the kids, they’re really fun to be around.  A few even have siblings at the same school.  Jade, the angel on the left is one of my students.  Her younger sister Nell, is on the right with Pluto.  I took this pic last Halloween when everyone dressed their scariest, or angelic.  Sometimes after taking photos, you come across one that looks like it could be a great painting.  I guess that’s the start of a great painting, when you have that feeling.  Artists know that feeling.

So I started on the the painting working out the composition.  I have never done multiple figures like this on a painting before.  I painted the background peach prior to knowing what I would do with the canvas board.  So know I know and here’s the composition.

I shall return for part 2 soon…