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Grandpa Handelman

I have a newfound love of doing vintage portraits.  Several weeks ago, I did my own self-portrait as a toddler.  This time, it’s my grandpa in the spotlight.  I started using a color called ‘transparent orange oxide’, which is a fabulous color for undertones and making dark colors, yet still vibrant.  If it were a musical instrument, it would be a church organ cause it feels heavenly when I use it.  I focused more on the edges of the face, using a grid system to get accuracy of the facial features, so the head won’t be too big, eyes too far apart, etc…

So here’s the end result.  What do you think?

Grandpa_Handelman_oil_portrait_lance lr

NOTE:  I’m going to China on January 29 to teach art to children for several weeks.  This is an incredible opportunity to help make a difference and you’re welcome to offer advice or even purchase a painting, which will go towards my trip and hopefully other future trips.  It’s my way of giving back and doing my part cause I love children and I’ll be posting from China of my progress.  Stay tuned…

An intimate portrait of myself


Josh, age 3
graphite on paper

Last Tuesday, I made a remarkable move that will affect the rest of my art career.  At least I hope it will.  I found a master painter about an hour from where I live, in a small pottery/cermaics town called Yingge.  His name is A.W. Lin.  It reminds me of my old hometown of Lambertville, NJ.  Full of old world charm and arts in the air.  (more…)

Secret Indoor Garden


Secret Indoor Garden


This painting was inspired by Ft. Domingo in Tamsui, Taiwan. My old stomping grounds. Spaniards settled here in the 1600’s and you can see some Spanish influences around here. I wanted a solitary garden to go with it, so I created one from many sources in and outside of myself. I wanted it to explode with color and feel like a nice retreat to escape to.
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