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The Grand Parade of Priceless Logos

joshuacopy2 redlight

The Final Product!


For the past week, I’ve been a bit obsessed about logos.  In fact, it’s safe to say that I always get obsessed about something.  Obsession can be healthy if you channel your energies right, like making a great painting, finishing a task, reading a book.  It certainly beats procrastination.  The other kind of obsession can be unhealthy too.  Like eating when stressed out.  I like, no….love peanut butter.  So much that I became a Costco member this week because they have natural peanut butter!  Being tied to the internet is another obsession that is literally hard to shake off, because it’s my link, my portal to the outside world.  Or I call it, “the Fifth Dimension”.  You have to first recognize between your good and bad obsessions in life, then ask yourself if you should do something about it?  Well, for one I had to face my logo obsession and find a great design.  And I did something I never done before.  I hired a designer, no make that two designers.  I went through many revisions and ideas until I got to a vintage stamp one from this designer I found on Fiverr.  It was a great stamp and first looked like this…

Josh-transparent passport logo
It wasn’t bad, but it needed something more. After receiving some much needed feedback from my artist friends on Facebook, I decided to put in my signature. In the middle. So I practiced my signatures a lot until I came up with something that felt right. After all, this mark was to represent my work and ambitions, it had to be good…no great. I’ve tried good for many years, this time it had to be great. So I took a deep breath and played with my signature. About the seventh or eight try, I finally nailed it. And I took the logo from the designer and operated on it until I liked the results. And the final result is what you see on the top of this post and my site.

In the end, I wanted a simple, iconic stamp with my signature as the heart of the logo. The stamp representing my mobile lifestyle, my love for travel and exploration. It’s nearly anti-logo, which I like. Because I have never really fit in that well in society. I feel this logo will help me find my way, in this world and in your hearts.

Speaking of logos, here’s a few I have designed and used in the past…for your amusement.  Though they were cool at the time.JOSH LANCE LOGOjoshlancelogo

joshualancelogo1JL LOGOjoshlogojoshlogo3logofulllogoname2joshlogo2JOSHLOGO1