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My 10 minute experiment with New Year resolutions

I'll show you I can keep a resolution!

I’m giving myself 10 minutes to list all the creative resolutions I aim towards in our newly unknown year of 2011.  Hard to believe we’re living in the future, but here it is, so I guess I better start the resolutions before I go off on any tangent.

  • For ye first resolution, I hereby promise…to stop making stupid resolutions that never come true, damn why do I keep doing this to myself?
  • Ok, now that’s out of the way, the next one is…to become a better artist.  Better in what?  Singing, tap-dancing, juggling?  Isn’t that suppose to be the goal of every artist?  To get better at our craft?  Well, moving on…
  • I gotta stop procrastinating and do what I really what I want to do with my life.  I’ve been saying that for 20 years already?  I mean when is that going to stop?  Isn’t living in the moment and doing what you love in that moment the most important?  I keep forgetting that until I’m at my easel and start painting, then …ahhhhh….
  • Would love to be a richer artist.  Rich as in wealthy or a life abundant in experiences?  Most people get those things confused the easiest, including myself.  It’s because we live in a capitalistic society, we’re convinced if we’re not in the race, we will fall behind and die in poverty.  I knew someone on the rich side that didn’t look too pleased when I used to date an African-American girl.  To me, that is a poverty of the mind.  You have to be a richer person before being a richer artist.
  • Visit many places in the world before you die.  Well I have visited about 33…states in the USA, and Canada and Mexico.  I have a long way to go.  I did travel by car and plane a lot this year.  I must make traveling in other places a priority.  My top countries to visit:  Italy, Israel, Thailand, Australia, England and Costa Rica.

Ok, time’s up, here are my resolutions in 10 minutes flat.  Shoot I didn’t even think about losing weight or getting a real job.  Guess I’ll have to wait next year.  You’re welcome to comment, love to hear from you.  I promise more art, posts and cooler newsletters at least.  Stay thirsty my friends, see you next year!