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Danshui Beach


Danshui Beach
size:  6″x 9″
price:  $195 USD
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On my birthday, I went to Danshui and rented a scooter for the first time. Yes, I finally got around to driving one of these little machines. I haven’t drove a car or anything in over 3 years and I thought it’s time to muster up some courage and rent a scooter to drive around in. Yes, I was nervous. And I had a lot of fears about what could happen. Would I hit someone? Would I injury myself? Would I crash into a tree or the sea? And on top of that, I lost my ARC card so I was a bit upset and thinking that I’m not ready to ride into the sunset yet. But I calmed down and told myself to do this. After all, it’s your birthday. Time to start thinking new, better thoughts. So I rented the scooter for a few hours and rode to the Danshui beach. It’s a small beach with very few people, but just 10 minutes away from town. And I had my little pochade box and painting supplies ready in my bookbag.

So I went off and found a nice patch of sand to sit on and painted the water and beach around it. My painting already had a peach undercoating with textures created with gesso. I knew that I would have to apply thick layers of paint to make this work, but I also wanted to keep it simple. Turns out that painting by the sea was a great experience, about 90 minutes later, I was done. Then I rode back to drop off the scooter. So there’s my birthday present in all it’s glory!