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Fort of Solitude


Fort of Solitude oil on canvas board 9.5×13″ 2015

Solitude is not a bad word, unless you’re an extroverted person who shudders of the thought. I personally think the word “solitude” gets a bad rap. It tends to let others know that you’re not as sociable or fun as someone who is the life of the party. But I never wanted to live my life pleasing others that way either. I happen to like my peace and quiet much of the time, reading or painting, or walking around, maybe a little bike-ride. And other times, I like to attend an art opening, maybe some event in the local area with art, music or food. So does that make me an introvert or extrovert? I think a little of both, and I think the labeling is part of the stigma that’s gotten way out of hand. The introverted/extroverted debate will always go on.

But you know what? I don’t care what people think of me. I want them to know I’m a good man, with a good heart, and enjoyable to be around, and also a real person who speaks his mind. I’m conservative with a free spirit too. Whoa, try to put a label on that! My point is that labels do not matter so much. They seem to only matter when people want to pigeon-hole you into something that comforts them. Crazy, free-sprited artists? You mean lawyers or doctors can’t be the same way? Perception is an illusion based on others’ views they get from the media and other people. I’m not trying to escape reality, just challenge the perception of what really matters in this life. If you want to change the world, start working on yourself. I’ve been doing that for years, but getting better at it as I get older. That’s one of the perks about becoming older, understanding and accepting who you are. And it never stops, either.

Solitude is all about perception. I made a painting based on that moment in time. And I let everyone else say what they want and think what they want. Because it’s ok. Free will for humans is accessible for everyone.

Solitude is a big part of my life. But not the only part.  What are your thoughts on solitude?