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Valentine Roses at the Pond


You know when you get up in the morning, you can never tell that you’re going to paint a great painting.  It really never enters my mind as much as “I want to paint something beautiful that moves me”.  Well, that’s just what happened.  And I finally brought out my little pochade box to the Yang San Lang Art Musuem.

Just a three-minute walk from my house where that street is known for its arts community.  Truth be told, I haven’t found any artists in that community yet.  It would be nice!  So I went to sit in the museum grounds at a little white table and put my pochade box down.  One of the staff saw me come and sit down and she started calling to me, walking to me and I was thinking “I hope I’m allowed to paint, oh man!”.  She told me that the museum closes in an hour, so I was relieved and told her I would paint something really nice here.  I’ve visited the museum before, but never painted at the pond there, where it’s quite lovely and reminds me of something I would see back in Lambertville, NJ.

I already had a blue ground painted before, as sometimes I paint over previous paintings.  Nothing intentional, just something abstract and thought that this could be a great pond painting, something similar to Monet.

my little set-up before painting the scene

my little set-up before painting the scene

I just had two brushes and a few colors to mix. The composition was a bit complex and it’s good to simplify things. I wanted the white wall in the background, it was a great contrast to the colors of the roses and plants. There’s also just a hit of the pond in the foreground. I was painting rocks but its seemed to get lost in the dark underpainting, so I put some more foliage to cover them. I wanted to leave some of the pond, as the right part with its lush pink light, I wanted to keep that. But if I used the whole white wall in the piece, then you wouldn’t see the pond anymore. That would be sad. So now it becomes a but surreal as the white wall gives way to the pond. I like to make things interesting too. And the leaves in the pond were like a little Monet tribute, I’m glad I didn’t cover the pond.

how it looked an hour later...

how it looked an hour later…

When I got home, I added a few final touches to the roses, which were the hardest part. But I also wanted it to be the most colorful and thickest part. You need to have a point of interest and the roses were the stars of the show. And the final version is what you see in the first picture. A nice first day with my amazing pochade box!

Valentine’s Day Overated?

I've been thinking about holidays lately, which are the essential and which can we do without.  Valentine's Day was of course invented by Hallmark, a brilliant concept, makes you think if there should be an artist holiday so people can spend money on artwork like Valentine Day cards.  I think that everyday should be like Valentine's Day and Christmas, this world would be a happier place.  Do we really need holidays to dictate our behavior, like "Wow , V-day, time to be loving and get all kinds of gifts to my honey"  well what about the other 364 days?  What do you think?  

Sedona Moon
"Sedona Moon"