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Not at the sunset of my years yet!

It’s not the sunset of my life…yet.  I can’t believe I’ll be 40 this year.  I guess it’s some right of passage we’re suppose to be frightened of, especially for men.  Are we in some lost universe between our youth and old age?

I don’t give a damn, at least for now.  Actually, I want to use the last remaining months of my 30’s in a fury of amazing creative production.  It may sound morbid, but how productive could you be if you knew you had only months left?  I personally don’t like to think of my mortality, as I’m pretty much a day-to day kind of guy.  I used to beat myself up more about not getting things done each day.  I’m more aware of it now, and I try to get 1 or two things accomplished each day.  It’s hard, because I want everything done..now.

For example, my projects I must get done soon are my newsletter, blog entry, new website banner (just did today!) and of course, paint each day.  I just moved into this new cool house on the west side of ABQ, NM, overlooking the sandias and cliffs, amazing location.  So I have been focused more on getting rid of stuff and getting situated in my new place.

It’s hard to move forward if you can’t let go of some clutter or junk from your past, think about what you have wanted to get rid of so that the future will feel brighter and anew.

  • old clothes
  • files/paperwork
  • car interior (have you seen my trunk lately?)
  • food
  • computer files
  • bad relationships (that’s a big one)
  • negative thoughts

These are just a few from my little head.  As you may know, I write like I think and talk, a bit freestyling and raw, but always a smart-ass that’s smart.  Try to clear out some crap.  I’m trying to live more of a minimalist lifestyle because I don’t want to hold onto crap that will get in the way of my focus in life, such as creating the best art I can do.  I promise I’m working on it, I’ve been in a terrible funk and working out of this big hole.  Peace be with you!