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Everything coming up rainbows


I had a unique painting experience on Saturday.  I went to Yingge, which is outside of Taipei.  It’s a small, old pottery town with cobblestone streets and has a lot of charm.  A friend of mine invited me to visit an artist’s gallery/studio.  I met A.W. Ling, a Taiwanese artist who has been painting for over 50 years.  He’s sold paintings to American soldiers who stopped in Taiwan from Vietnam.  He was never in it for the money, just wanted to have a good art life.  His wife knows more English than he does, so she was translating.  A very nice couple who reminded you of your own grandparents.  I showed him my “Harry” painting.  Suggested some tips and that I could be a really good portrait painter.  And the best part, he’s going to be my teacher for the next month.  4 private lessons doing portraits with oils/drawings.  I finally got a real, good teacher that I’ve been looking for in Taiwan.