Taiwan Gray Morning

Taiwan Gray Morning oil on canvas board

Taiwan Gray Morning
oil on canvas board

It’s been a rainy few days in Taiwan. Today was an interesting day, because I was interviewed by a freelance writer/photographer for a possible future article in some local magazines. After we met up at the art museum near my house, we went to my place where he took some pics in various poses with my art. I’m thinking, so this is what it’s like being photographed for Rolling Stone? Hey, can’t a guy imagine?

So, I was telling him my story of moving to Asia to pursue my art dreams and he seemed impressed. He then suggested that he wants to take photos of myself painting outdoors. I wasn’t expecting to paint this morning, but went with it and took my pochade box and supplies to the local park. It’s here where my painting emerged. Yes, it was a cold day, and about a short time after I started, maybe halfway through the work, it was time for the photographer to go to another appointment. He saw my process, we talked about what artists go through often, all kinds of emotions inside ignited me for this painting. For this painting, I mixed greys first, which I knew would be the dominant color and subject. I finished the whole thing outdoors, wanted it to be 100% plein-air.

As for the photos and possible story, I’ll keep you posted. A little sunshine for my gray morning.