Thanks for the memories…what a show!

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The Girls, Inc. artshow was a success in a nutshell.   For the most part, it went quite smoothly.  I quit the Loretto gig a few days prior, wondering if I shot myself in the foot and missing some opportunity.  But there is a saying, “When one doors closes, another one opens” rang true.  My friends Kate and Russ who asked if I wanted to share my booth and split the booth fee, would it be good for them, for me, for everyone?  Turns out yes on all counts.  I liked the energy and feel of our booth, and the location on the plaza was great.  I didn’t like the tent, as it was as cheap as can be, the legs didn’t stand as straight, it was more like the leaning tower of tent.  But the buyers did come, had a great Saturday with 5 sold paintings, and Sunday I sold 12 paintings.  It was such validation and relief.  I worked hard and it finally paid off.  They were mostly small paintings I sold.  I also did a dog portrait from a photo and people were impressed with it.  I might get a commission or two from it, so I’m glad that doing a demo worked out.  I got a bit tense (more like an animal though) while packing up, as I was overly tired and dehydrated.  Later that evening, Russ, Kate and I met at the Coyote Cafe in Santa Fe for some margaritas and chow.  It was a great way to end a successful weekend.  By the way, we’re going to share a booth again, hopefully on Labor Day Weekend (3 days!) on the plaza.  I sent in my application today, I can’t wait for that show.

My shared booth, 5x10 space at the Girls, Inc Show

My shared booth, 5×10 space at the Girls, Inc Show