The Art of the Breakup (pt. 2) – This isn’t brain salad surgery

Josh, age 3

Last time we met here, I introduced you to “The Art of the Breakup”.  Now, I would like to follow that up with a few provoking thoughts.  As artists, we are incredibly sensitive creatures.  Life imitates art, art imitates life.  We don’t know whom imitates whom, but we carry on like the warriors we are and attack our next creative venture like a primitive neanderthal.  So with that in mind my friends, we now journey to the center of our creative solar system.  What does it look like, what could it be?

It’s in your heart, dude

Nothing mystical here, sorry for the build-up, but I’m not telling you something you don’t already know my savages.  I’m a big believer that art imitates life and we are loyal followers to her magic, like a pied piper.  And we still don’t know where we’re going, do we?  Well that’s ok, neither do I.  If we knew the outcome of our journey, do you think we would radically change our present circumstances?  Maybe.  But if I had a choice between choosing your heart or your mind for life’s roadmap, well if someone was seriously asking me this, I would choose my heart.  The head’s role is to organize shit and make sense of life.  The heart’s role is to add soul and divine human potential to any situation.

The heart knows all, feels all, sees all.  People without a brain may relate to this, really.  But from my own life experience, my head has caused most of the trouble in my life.  I had made TONS of stupid decisions that has caused me loads of pain, financial debt, strained relationships.  It may in fact take a lifetime to recover. But the good news is that the heart doesn’t give a shit about it all!  Yes!  Salvation!  Light at the end of the tunnel!  Call it what you want, but the heart didn’t get you or I in all this trouble.  What is the heart’s role in this?

Unconditional love and salvation

It doesn’t care, criticize, condescend your ass, slap you in the face.  It knows two emotions the best – Bliss and Pain.  And many layers in between.  When you ask yourself how you feel, your heart will tell you.  Your head will try to sugarcoat or overthink your emotional state which will leave you more confused.  You can’t fool the heart, it’s an organ of love and truth.  It doesn’t like being in pain, that’s what causes heartbreak, or even heart attacks.  So my advice is don’t attack your heart.  Do what you can to feel good again.

  • paint a picture
  • take some photos
  • travel to new places
  • eat an exotic food
  • see a movie you never thought you would see in a million years
  • ask out that person, even if you’re a girl, shit it’s the 21st century, women-we want you to ask us out!!!
  • …Just a few, maybe you can tell me some more, I could use some advice too!

Remember that break-ups, or any painful situation is temporary.  Your head wants to make it feel it will last forever…FOREVER!  Tell your head once in a while to shut up.  Your heart will thank you for it.  Now here’s a poem I wrote several days ago, but I did it to help ease my pain.


Don’t know how I’m feeling

but the pressure’s got me kneeling

for a brand new day

please help me stay

on solid ground so I can

move around like a clown.

Pay attention to beats

of a temporary broken heart

it may not pay the bills

but it will help keep you smart.

Not in the mood to create

I heard that one before.

It’s time to call your gift

before the door is no more.

But through the window glass

I see your reflection in a cereal bowl

by your human imperfections

with rose-colored eyes

and a hazy soul.