The Precious Portrait Collection

Portraits completed in the alluring and mysterious far east of Asian civilization, these portraits were among my best works. Painted with compassion, these were people I met on my travels. These portraits state that beauty is a universal language and feeling. People are the real treasures on this journey.

‘Chinese Baby of Woyang Village’
12 x 17 inches
oil on linen
$1250 USD
This painting was done from my visit to rural China when I volunteered to teach art to high school students in 2016. I met the locals, including this 18-month baby girl who was quite large for her age, but was so adorable. Her background was not the healthiest environment but I wanted to capture all the details of her in the most respectful way I know.


12×18 inches
oil on linen
$1400 USD
Painted from my 2016 trip to Kyoto, Japan, I met this young adult Japanese girl who hung out with me during hiking up the mountain. I wanted to capture all the beauty and details that left quite an impression on me. Her name wasn’t Kyota, but that’s what her nickname I gave her was cause I couldn’t remember her own name. And hopefully it fits.


8×10 inches
oil on linen
$450 USD
This was done in Taiwan, a friend who had 5 children while her husband was working in Europe, Harry was the youngest and most expressive. He was quite adorable as well.


This collection is a special package valued at $3100, it will be yours for $2550

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